Google Assistant – How Google Speaks, How To Use It?

The use of Android phones has made our lives very easy, and this is possible only because it was done by Google and Google Assistant. You will all be used to Google, but do you know what Google Assistant is and how Google speaks? If you do not know… let us tell you that Google Assistant is an Android operating system designed by Google Now. This is Google’s co-evaluation, which can answer all your questions.

But even today, not many people know the meaning of Google Assistant and how it works, so today, we will explain it in detail in this article, read this article carefully to find out the essential requirements. Can apply. while reading.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is an intelligent assistant controlled by Google’s voice that mainly works on AI (Artificial Intelligence). It can now also be considered an extension of Google. You can get all kinds of information from Google Assistant, but it’s also our Assistant for doing personalized searches.

It is designed to make voice commands more comfortable on mobile phones and intelligent home devices. Like Google Assistant, Siri d’ Apple and Cortana de Microsoft are assistants working on artificial intelligence. And if you Google Assistant, Hello Google Assistant, Hi Google, how are you, how are you? So you will get the answer that I am fine, how are you?

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant. At launch, Google is an extension of the Google NAO accessory, designed individually by widening the current “Ok Google” voice command.

Initially, Google has discreetly removed the relevant information for you. He knows where you worked, your meeting and travel plans, what team you like, and what interests you so that you can present important information to you. Google has long since discontinued Google NAO, but the Assistant stays in one place, combining these individual elements with various voice controls. Google Assistant supports text or voice entry; the conversation will follow whatever intake method you use.

History of Google Assistant:

This was revealed to users of Android Chrome in 2011. A new survey shows that 40% of orders in India are spoken by 40% of mobile phones. This means that now people choose a better way to operate a smartphone. Google Assistant is designed to be used in Hindi and 31 other languages.

How about Google?

Google Assistant is an extension of the ‘O Google’ voice command controlled by ‘Ok Google. To use Google Assistant in Hindi, you can select the Hindi language option, press your cell house button, and talk about any information or personal work like Google; I can adjust my alarm. I can hold a meeting at O’Clock. Apply a reminder, contact my friend (by saying her name), you can do a lot of these things with Google Assistant, and the best part is Google gives you all this information by answering your questions.

Google Assistant on phones:

Google Assistant is available on Android phones; all the latest models offer AI systems. Devices that offer other AI systems, such as Bixby de Samsung, also offer Google Assistant. If your Android phone with GM (Google cellular service), Google is useful on your mobile – Huawei devices are not included. If you check your settings and can also choose to see answers to individual questions, your Assistant can answer you, even if you’re locked by an Android phone. Despite many limitations, Google Assistant is also available on the iPhone.

In-app Google Assistant:

Google Assistant can help you browse Google Cards on Android and iOS devices. With your voice, you can share ETAs with your friends and family, reply to texts, play music and do a podcast, find places on your way, or add new stops, all on Google Maps Fedor.

Google Assistant Android and iOS phones can self-bunk and read and answer all of your information. The accessories work with many popular SMS messaging applications, including WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Android Messages. By driving, Google Assistant and Google Maps can calculate your ETA on their own, and if you have an Android device, you can even send it to friends.

Features of Google Assistant:

There are many benefits of using Google Assistant, which you may not know, which are given below.

With this help, you can contact your contact list without touching your mobile phone.You can start a timer, recall, and alarm sound.With the help of Google Assistant, you can open any application on your mobile phone.You can control the services available on your mobile.Contacts stored in your Contacts list can be deleted through a Google accessory.

What can Google Assistant do?

When you ask Google Assistant a question, they respond in seconds. Hello Google, how are you? Google spoke in Hindi etc. In addition to answering the question, it is also a practical conversation with you, as it provides a real experience of personal support. Very comfortable with status-technology-art. It can do almost everything connected to your mobile through vocal research; To do this, you can greet Google Assistant in Hindi on your cellular home screen.

Which mobile phone is required to use Google Accessories:

To use the Google accessory, your mobile phone must have a version of Android 6 or 7 for you to use it. In addition, your mobile phone must support Google Play, and the mobile phone must have more than 1 GB of RAM. Currently, almost all Android phones provide Google accessory services, but if your phone doesn’t have this service, you can download it to your mobile from the Play Store.

How do you know if Google Assistant is on my mobile phone?

Whether you have Google Assistant, you’ll need to say OK, Google by pressing the button on your mobile phone, which will open Google Assistant on your mobile phone. You can use it to access all information or information. Can do. What can we do?


Friend, How did you like this article Google Assistant? Let us know in the comments field; I hope you have all the information you need on Google Assistant for this article. Now you can fully use Google Assistant. You can also share our items with your friends. Thank you for reading our article till the end.

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