How to Increase Mobile Speed ?

If the phone slows down after a few days of buying a new phone, you would think that in such a situation, this message will help you, and after following the steps, I would say you will get 100%. Effect of removing it. Pair up your phone.

Mobile phones have become everyone’s need today, and it doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, but if you have an Android, the mind must be like, ‘that slows down. The anger when buying a new mobile phone is nice and fast; The speed seems so good, so you would think that after this phone, you don’t need to buy another mobile phone, but it is slow in 6 months. When doing now?

How to Increase Mobile Speed?

You can increase any speed when you know why the phone is slow because when the slow reason is known, you can also increase phone speed. See, when you buy a new phone, at that time, no application on your mobile phone is not needed, and there is no extra charge on the phone, but do you install the application in the phone or fill storage? Memory, the phone starts. Wait or slow down.

Let’s say when you buy a mobile phone, your mobile phone has 4 GB RAM, and at that time, applications like WhatsApp and Instagram are installed; Telegram and Facebook use all these memories. But after 6 months, you see that a new version of WhatsApp or the installed application has arrived, you will update it, and when you update it, it will probably be responsible for the application’s new features. Go to your mobile phone with RAM or Cache. Will consume more.

Other applications will do the same when using more resources, which means the RAM is the same as before, but the application using it starts using more, so it will slow down. You understand that the phone slows down with the use of RAM, but there are other reasons for your mobile phone.

Everything you do comes from the memory of your mobile phone; If you play a video or photo or anything, the store will be in the memory of your mobile phone, and if the memory quality is poor, the speed will be slow. It will, but you will now tell you that you don’t have internal memory control because the company gives it by phone; External memory can only be replaced by purchasing it from your brain.

You are right, but here I mean, when the internal memory of your mobile phone is also full, the phone will slow down, then pay attention to all this. You must have understood why the phone is slow, but we will talk about how to slow down mobile phones quickly and when cellular slows down.

How to increase mobile speed?

First, you have to remove all unnecessary applications that are not useful so they don’t use up your memory resources.If possible, clear pre-installed application data that you cannot delete so that cash memory is free. Don’t save a lot of data on your mobile phone, which means you don’t store unnecessary photos and videos.

If there is an open application, and there are many applications that you do not use daily but that you run in the background, then close it as it will speed up the cellular speed and the internet. will walk

Use a light version: Now, every popular application releases a light version of your application, so if you do not want to use more features, you can increase the speed of your mobile phone by using the light application.

Friends, I want to tell you a very important thing, and if you have read so much, you must also read that there is another fraud in the phone world and the phone company slows down their old phones.

Free up storage space – If the storage on your mobile phone changes, things will slow down and crawl. Google claims you’ll notice a performance issue when less than 10% of the storage on the device is available; We believe that it is a better position to keep our storage space which is not used, around 20%.

Eliminate the installation of unused applications – not only does this apply to taking up precious storage space, but they also run in the background. Deleting old apps often increases system ease and can add an extra battery. There are various ways to remove an application’s installation, but you can usually long-press the application icon and choose Application Info or create an icon at the uninstallation prompt.

Starting your mobile phone – Powering down your mobile phone is a simple and effective way to improve performance. Although the Android memory management system is very good, and most phones have more than enough RAM, it can release resources used to execute applications in the background of restarts. We recommend that you restart your mobile phone at least once a week; If you notice that it is boring between restarts, increase the frequency daily.

You already know that the mobile phone company has launched so many models that people are confused about which mobile phone and which mobile phone to buy, so as long as there is no problem with one’s mobile phone, the new Why buy? Therefore, we also hear that when the telephone company updates the phone, it slows down some things because of business, so every time you buy a phone, you should search for the company that is historical. If you like this post to increase cell speed, share it with your friends.

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