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The game Wordle has taken the world by storm. The popularity experienced by the game in a very short span of time has been quite interesting. The simple, yet addictive game has created a huge name for itself. The game Wordle made a debut in 2021 and has been able to achieve a powerful presence with its wonderful content.

However, if you are a movie lover and looking to find a similar game like Wordle for guessing the right movie name, you are in for a treat. We will check out a few great movie wordle games that would appeal to the movie fans out there.


Best movie wordle games that you would love

For those among you who are unaware, Wordle is a game wherein gamers have to guess a word of five letters in less than six guesses. The game was created by Josh Wardle and sold to the New York Times.

On similar lines, a few other games have been created based on different parameters. In today’s post, we will check out a few games like Wordle that would cater to the movie buffs out there. Referred to as Movie Wordle, the games here would prove to be much more exciting.


If you look for the best movie wordle game, the most popular game that you would come across would be Framed. It has been the most popular wordle-like game that you would find quite unique in its own right. Every day, you will have access to a movie puzzle in the form of a screenshot and you need to guess the movie’s name.

Just like Wordle, you are expected to guess the name of the movie within six guesses. You will be shown a new screenshot each time your guess goes wrong. If you have not seen the movie before, it can indeed get quite frustrating.


The game is almost similar to the game of Wordle and has been a perfect choice for a movie wordle game. It provides you a few clips or screengrabs of a popular movie in a fast sequence. Based on these clues, you will need to guess the right movie name.

The best part with the game that if you are unable to guess a movie name, you can simply skip it and move on to the next clue. You will be shown longer clips as you proceed ahead in your game. The movie wordle game gets tougher as you move up the ladder.


The second in our list of the best movie Wordle games, Posterdle is the newest iteration of the Wordle like game in the movie wordle genre. As the name of the game itself should be indicative, you will be shown a movie poster. But wait, the poster will not be easy to guess.

The poster is shown in pieces where the image zooms in and out or even gets pixelated often. If you are someone who loves watching posters rather than movies and tend to remember the posters better, this is definitely the right choice that you would wish to choose. One of the best movie wordle games that I found very much interesting and unique in every standard.

The Box Office Game

This is the most favourite movie wordle game that I have ever come across. If you are into movie trivia and such stuff, this movie Wordle game would indeed appeal to you. You can learn and enjoy a lot about the best in terms of movie trivia through this movie wordle game.

The Box Office Game is a popular and decent movie wordle game where you are given a date and year. You are expected to guess the top five highest grossing movies of that year and the exact week.


If you are more interested in the actors than the movies or movie titles, the best movie wordle game that would appeal to you would be Actorle. If you are someone who tends to browse an actors profile quite often, this game should be the right one for you. The game provides you with a list of movies and you are expected to guess the name of the actor who has appeared in all of them.

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You need not worry. The game does provide you with a good number of hints to help you guess the name of the actor. You will be given the movie’s release year, genre, and IMDb rating. If you are someone who keeps fiddles into the IMDB profiles of the movies and actors, you would be good enough in guessing the right name of the actor.

The Closing Thoughts

Wordle is a game that has redefined the concept of word games or word guessing games. However, if you are into movies and a die hard movie buff, you would find it a really boring game even when you love the structure of the game. From that perspective, searching for a movie wordle game would be more practical.

We would assume that the movie wordle game options that we have outlined here should ideally prove to be quite much effective in providing you a better insight into the best games that you would perhaps want to explore. Check these games out and share your thoughts with us.

A few FAQs

Is there a movie version of Wordle?

Framed is a game that takes ahead the concept of Wordle into the movie titles. It is quite similar to the game of Wordle, except that it is based on movies.

Is there a Wordle for actors?

If you are more interested in the actors than the movie or movie titles, there is a game known as Actordle. This is an ingenious game that has redefined the concept of movie wordle in a more positive manner.

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