Polk Audio Buckle Review – Amazing Facts about the Headphones

When it comes to the headphones, it is always essential and important to focus on the quality and efficiency of the headphones. Of course, the more money you pay, you would be able to get the best possible experience with the service quality. If you are looking to get access to one of the excellent experiences in terms of a formidable headphones ever, the Polk Audio Buckle headphones should definitely be a worthy option in the long run. Let us undertake a review of the Polk Audio Buckle review for getting a better degree of enjoyment at its best.

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Polk Audio Buckle Review

The sound quality

The comfortable fit and a decent audio quality are a few of the parameters that you would find all the more unique. I did listen to a few of the songs on the Polk Audio Buckle headphones and found the experience all the more rewarding and unique in every sense of the word. The acoustics were definitely worthy of the attempt and you will find it quite clear and beautiful.

You will find that the melody offered by the headphones quite interesting enough. The headphones come with a 40mm driver and provides you an extremely lightweight construction. The durable PET material can be further enduring and withstands most of the scenarios in terms of weather conditions. The great bass response can be what would provide you a very decent experience par excellence.

The bass offered  by the headphones can be quite rich and strong in most of the cases. You would never find it getting boomy and overpowering. This should be the strongest parameter in comparison to the other headsets. The sound profile is lush and full, but does not get muddy anywhere. You will not lose any clarity whatsoever. The mids are clear and smoother. No distortion and harshness is what would make it a formidable option. The highs are never bright and never too shrill.

Overall, the sound quality is quite great. You will never experience any distortion even at higher volume levels. You will be able to listen to any music without bothering others.

The Design

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are available in two color schemes viz black with silver accents, and brown. You will find them having an excellent ergonomic design. That should make them very easy and comfortable to wear. You can slip them over the ears and you can enjoy your music as y ou would love to.

The ear cups are quite much adjustable making it a formidable option. Lightweight construction and aluminium build should make it one of the most unique experiences ever. Your headband is covered by faux leather material. It will never get hot and sweaty. The stitched leatherette should further make it more high end than most other models in this range.

The Controls

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones are known for a unique experience in terms of the unusual design. When you compare them to the headphones such as Beats by Dre headphones, you would find the headphones more interesting.

The controls on the headphones are much intuitive in nature and provide you with an easy to use functionality. you would find the round and grooved selector on the right earcup. It provides you multiple controls such as

  • control music playback (play/pause)
  • adjust volume levels (push it up or down)
  • take/end calls (roll it up or down)

Cord and Jacks

The design for the cord and jack should indeed make it a formidable option. Cord is made of a special material and does not tangle. The jack is 2.5 mm in size, but is not a standard size.

That would mean you would need a adapter or an extension cable ready with you or need to buy one. The built in microphone is quite invisible. You would find a  little pinhole next to the plug in jack. The sensitivity as I could experience was much unique in its own right. All the genres of sounds and their component came up very clear and loud.

The jack to me appeared a little fragile in nature. If you are not someone who care much about the headphones, you are likely to end up getting the cables loose. The cord may perhaps be a little short for use with a desktop.

Comfort levels

If you look at the comfort levels, you would fins the headphones quite comfortable at its best. They come with  very nicer and tight fit. You will never find them being restrictive in nature. During my use with them, I never flet uncomfortable even after wearing them for several hours continuously.

The noise blocking has been observed to be one of the best. I had the worst experience with my previous range of headphones, and the Polk Audio Buckle headphones definitely reduced the issues to a considerable extent. I could hear no background noise at all.

There is not much padding and that can be an issue for some of you. The support is likely to sit on your skull than on your ears. More padding would have been a good option in this context.


The Polk Audio Buckle headphones tend to be a great product in most of the scenarios. The connectivity with the Android devices may not be that great option. You can check out the other options which you would find quite unique in many ways.

These headphones are likely to be universal in nature. They tend to work with the Apple devices. They would be a good choice with the iPhones and iPads alike. If you are looking to use them with other devices, you may need to go with the best possible experience.

The Spec sheet

Type of the headphones – Over the ear

Enclosure – Closed back

Transducer – Dynamic

Size – 7 x 7 x 3.3 inches

The Concluding Thoughts

The Polk Audio Buckle headphones can prove to be a great option in every sense of the word. They can be a great choice for the best on ear headphones. The list of excellent features  available on the headphones should make it a truly formidable option that you would want to go with.

The great sound clarity, an attractive design and the comfortable wear are a few of the features that you would find much interesting.

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