Topology – Types, Advantages, Disadvantages of Network Topology

There are different types of computer networks. Thanks to these, all kinds of information are transmitted to other devices. When 2 types of devices are connected and share all kinds of information, it is called a network. The whole network design, how to design, and what types, are called topology. In this article, you have complete information about network topology and topology.

If you work in an office or do something where you want to use this network and this computer, you need to know the topology. To accomplish these tasks, it is necessary to understand the topology, topology of stars, the topology of buses, the topology of networks, and the topology of rings. So now that we know topology (what is topology), the key is the definition of topology so you can use it.

What is Topology?

The shape and arrangement of the network are called the topology. The way computers are connected is called topology.

What is Network Topology:

The topology of a network is the method in which network links and nodes are regulated to connect. It refers to the physical structure between the nodes, which means the logical setting of the network cable. In other words, network topology allows data exchange between computers through a network.

With that, now that you understand a network’s topology, let us tell you the types of network topology. The network topology is as follows. This type of network topology is used to build networks.

A network topology describes nodes (such as switches and network routers) and connections, often described as graphics. No matter why two organizations are similar, no two networks are. However, many organizations are relying on established network topology models. The topology of the network designs the way devices are connected and how data is transferred from one node to another.

The topology of a logical network is a conceptual representation of the functioning of the devices in a particular layer of abstraction. The physical topology is the description of how the device is physically connected. A network topology card is a card that allows administrators to view the provision of a physical network of connected devices. Portable network cards are useful for understanding how devices are connected and the best technology for troubleshooting.

Following is a type of network topology –

Bus Topology
Tree Topology
Hybrid Topology
Ring Topology
Star Topology

1. Bus Topology:

In this case, all computers are connected on a thread. It is also a kind of network. In this case, each network device is fixed in a single cable. The beginning and end of this cable are the main types of equipment terminators. This keeps the signal under control. In such a situation, all the computers are connected in a single line. Terminator is used for this. After understanding the definition of bus topology, we also know its advantages. This type of network topology is often referred to as a line topology. In a bus topology, data is transmitted in a single direction. However, the bus topology provision is outdated, and today you may not encounter a company using topology.

2. Ring Topology:

This network acts as a kind of ring. This network connects the last computer to the first computer. Each device has two NICs (Network Interface Cards). This way, network circles are formed where data is transmitted in only one direction.

Ring topology networks have many advantages, which will be explained later.

The network speed is very good.
The cost is also cheap.
It does not require central equipment.

3. Star Topology:

All the computers are connected to a hub or cable in this topology. If you don’t know network hubs, you can help with the postal network and how network hubs work. The most commonly used star topology. In this case, the central network device acts as a server, and all other computers act as clients.

In this topology, the entire network is spread across the center or switched in the event of a problem, but it does not affect the network if there is a problem with the local computer system.

4. Tree Topology:

The topology of trees is like that of a tree. This topology is considered similar to the topology of stars or simply the topology. Along with the main computer, as in the star topology, there is also the main computer and, like all computers associated with the topology, in the tree topology.

This device is a point-to-point connection.
It is very easy to develop a network in a tree topology.
It is also very easy to implement.

There is a maintenance problem.
This requires a large cable.
This topology is also expensive.
If the computer or node fails, all the child nodes may not work well.

5. Hybrid Topology:

When two or more topologies are used to form a network, it is called hybrid topology, that is to say. If a topology is combined with another topology and topology, it is called a hybrid topology.


We have tried to explain this technical information very easily to you. Every topology will be very easy to use whenever you use it. If you have other questions or suggestions on topology, you can comment and let me know.

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