What does NFS mean?

Irrespective of which industry you are in, you would find you have a plenty of options for turning your Instagram profile into a full-time job. The Instagram profile can be helpful in achieving a super powerful influence in every task or area that you can think of. No matter whether you are in any industry that includes fashion, food, or fitness, Instagram does have something for everyone. But then, Instagram has a few social jargon which may be a little confusing. One such Jargon is NFS. What does NFS mean on Instagram or any other social media service for that matter? Let us try understanding what does NFS mean.

What does NFS mean?

NFS generally means Not For Sale. However, that is not the only meaning that NFS stands for. It has several other meanings. A few other likely meanings of NFS on Instagram include “no filter squad” or “not for sharing.”

Let us explore all the possible meanings of the acronym NFS on Instagram.

NFS – Not For sale

The more prevalent meaning of NFS is Not for Sale. If you find an advertising agency or a business profile is using NFS, it should mean Not For sale.  It is used for describing and providing details on the products that are not sold. The product, image or the details are not available for sale and are depicted only for the artistic purposes. You would generally find it on the photos or artworks and galleries.

The term NFS is used to mean Not for Sale in several business profiles and influencer accounts which may receive a huge number of buying requests. If you have come across the acronym on a business profile, you would understand that the term NFS means Not For Sale.

NFS – Not Funny Shit

Another meaning of NFS is Not Funny Shit. This is used generally in the Instagram DMs. If someone sends you the term NFS, after one of your jokes or comments, it means that the person on the other side is not happy with your comments or joke or anything that you have communicated. The term NFS in this context means Not Funny Stuff to show that they are not happy or do not want to hook up with you.

This can also be a light-hearted way to say that you do not want any sort of nonsense in your life. It is also used in a sarcastic way to communicate that you want someone to be straight and honest with you.

NFS – No Filter Squad

The acronym NFS also means No Filter Squad. If used in this context, it is usually used as a hashtag. The jargon is used by the influencers who are confident enough and do not use any filters in their posts. The hashtag goes on to indicate that the image or the post has not been edited or altered in any way.Read Also:

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The jargon is also used to indicate No Filter Sunday. Usage is similar, but goes on to indicate that the no filter image has been taken using no filters on a Sunday. You would find the hashtag and the NFS as an acronym on any day of the week as such.

NFS – Not For Sure

One more meaning of NFS on Instagram can be Not for Sure. The term is used by those who use a shortened phrase for everything that they communicate. These type of people always use acronyms and abbreviations and they use NFS to mean Not for sure.

The term may be used to mean Not for Sure when asked a question about which they are not much sure about.

NFS – New Friends

The next meaning that the acronym NFS can mean is New Friends. It is generally used to mean a new friendship developed between the two users. A comment such as “I and xxx are NFS on Facebook” can mean that the two of them have become friends newly on the social media.

The usage of NFS to mean New Friends is quite rare, but is found being used in some cases. Even when it is used quite rarely, we thought it would be worthy enough to include in this collection.

NFS – Need for Speed

NFS is used to mean Need for Speed in the gaming community. This meaning of NFS is quite new, but it is used quite frequently these days. The term typically refers to the popular racing game by the same name.

Need for Speed currently has over 20 different games in its kitty and each of them have become quite popular. If you are in a gaming arena and looking forward to the meaning of NFS, you can definitely understand that it mans Need for Speed

NFS – No Follower Syndrome

NFS also means No Follower Syndrome in a few circles. While most of the Instagram users look for likes and followers, there are people who create reels not for followers, but for the sheer fun of using Instagram. They generally use the hashtag NFS meaning No Follower Syndrome.

If you see the term NFS as a hashtag with a reel, it should generally mean that the person who has posted the reel is not much interested in followers or likes. That should clearly mean the person is not interested in increasing the followers on Instagram.

NFS – Not For sharing

NFS in social media also means Not for Sharing. You may be talking about something with your friends. This term is used even outside the social media circles and even during the offline chitchats. If you share a news about something and indicate that it is NFS, it would mean Not for Sharing.

You can just sat NFS without being bitter or wrong on your end. It would just mean you do not want the person before you to share the news with anyone.

NFS – Nice Fu***g Shot

That may appear a little awkward and annoying word, but is used to appreciate a great photograph. If you have a photographer friend and you want to appreciate a great click that they have taken, you may use NFS as an acronym for Nice fu**g shot.

You may also want to use the slang to mean that when you notice a great image on the profile of any of your friends and followers. It is not a bad or wrong term, but an appreciation. It is used in a great way to help appreciate your friend.

NFS – Not Feeling Social

This can be a little depressing and can feel annoying, but it is a clear way of saying you want to be left alone. If you find someone texting you NFS, it would generally mean that they do not want to be bothered. You should give them their personal space in such a situation.

You do not need to take this comment as a rude gesture. There is nothing to get disturbed about it. It is okay to be away from socialising for some time.

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The Concluding Thoughts

NFS does have a lot of meanings – whether in social media or in real life. To understand the exact meaning, you need to have a proper understanding of the context in which the term has been used. The article here covers almost all the instances that the term NFS is used.

The discussion above should provide you a clear idea on what does NFS mean in each of the situations. If you are looking to know more about other slangs, share your inputs here and we would provide you the relevant information.


What does NFS mean on Gaming Page?

NFS in gaming world stands for Need for Speed. This refers to the popular game Need for Speed and several versions of the game.

What does NFS mean on the Business page?

If you see the acronym NFS on the business profile, or an art gallery page, it should mean Not For Sale. The post or reel is only for the information purposes or the artistic purposes.

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