What is Linux, Its History and Benefits

Do you know what Linux is? How can we use this Linux operating system? Whether you carry gadgets, from smartphones to cars, superordination, or home appliances, this Linux operating system is everywhere. Maybe we don’t know much about it, but we always use it.

It first appeared in the mid-90s. And since then, they have completely established themselves in almost all devices and will continue to do so because of their use. People who have used previous Linux operating systems certainly know their use, but for those who are not dependent, I mean these people that we use it on almost all devices. We do. That we usually use. It is used on almost all internet servers, even on scholarships.

Because it has become a more reliable operating system, is secure, and has no flaws, everyone wants to use Linux Nucleus. And one more thing, it is true and free open source, which helps to welcome developers. So, today, I think you need to get complete information about Linux and the best open source operating system. So why wait?

Linux Operating System:

It is open source software because the source code is free on the internet. You can use it for free, which is to say very free. This is why the list of functions is often different from Unix. Since Linux has become an open-source operating system, developers can adjust it according to their needs.

Who has Linux?

Linus Torvald has Linux. Since the Linux license is open source, Linux is available to anyone for free. But the name “Linux” is a trademark for the creator Linus Torvalds. The source OS Linux of the copyrighted code is contained in the words of several authors to be placed collectively under the GPLV2 license.

Since a large group behind Linux contribute to this, and it takes years to develop, it is impossible to contact them personally, so the Linux license is included in LPG2, which has all the approvals of ‘Linux GPLV2 License Approval’. also includes. East.

How did Linux get started?

Torvalds created Linux as a free and open-source alternative to the Minix operating system, with other Unix clones used primarily in education settings. At first, he considered it “the devil”. However, the Torvalds server administrator chooses its “Linux” directory to distribute the native code, which matches the name of the previous Torvalds. and Unix. It’s just to hear the name that it hasn’t changed.

Components of Linux Operating System:

If you are seen, Linux operating system mainly consists of three components –

1. Kernel –

This is the origin of the Linux nucleus. He is responsible for all the main activities of the operating system. Another module is present in this case, interacting directly with the built-in devices.

The nucleus presents detailed information on low-level devices accessed by an application or program system or treated as a summary.

2. System Library –

A system library is a special function or program used for an application or system utility nucleus. This library applies to almost all parts of the operating system and does not require access to the core module code.

Advantages of Linux:

Here, I will tell you some of the important features of the Linux operating system.

1. Portable –

Portability means this software can be easily executed on all devices.

2. Open Source –

Some teams work together to enhance the Linux operating system’s potential so it can be continuously developed.

3. Multi-use-

Linux is a simple double system, meaning multiple users can simultaneously access all system resources such as memory/RAM/application programs.

4. Multiprogramming −

Linux is a multi-generated system which means that some applications can run simultaneously, which is also at the same time.

5. Hierarchical file system –

Linux provides a standard file structure so the system user file/file can be easily regulated.

6. Shell –

The Linux operating system also provides a special interpreter program to execute commands. Apart from this, it is also used to fulfill various other functions and applications.

7. Security –

Linux also provides excellent security features for users, such as password protection/control over certain files / same data encryption, etc.

Future Linux Operating System:

Linux is at the bottom of almost all the latest technologies. You cannot imagine future technologies without Linux. Integrated systems are one example where Linux is widely used, and Linux is primarily used to build and maintain these applications.

All the big organizations now use the best Linux operating systems. Because they have many best features, their demand increases every day. With this, many system administrators convert their Windows work profiles to Linux operating systems. To learn new technologies such as cloud computing, Virtu, VMware, and database administration, you must know Linux. Thus, the future of Linux operating systems is very bright for me.

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