What is MPIN Number in Banking

As we all know that the current era is the mobile bank. Mobile banking trends have also increased rapidly in India. It is a hidden mechanism that makes your mobile bank safe. Each payment made via Cellular or cellular applications is not possible without MPIN. This is why we all need to know what Mpin is. Why is it necessary? How to produce and how it changes if necessary. We are trying to familiarize you with all aspects of the cell spike, Mpin below for safe mobile banking services.

How many Mpin numbers are in the bank:

In simple words, the cell pin is a password. Just as you use a password on an automatic counter, on internet banking, or to open your email, the same MPIN must make all types of payments or transactions via Cellular. This pin is four or six digits. Cellular pins are mainly used in mobile banking, SMS, and cellular application banking services such as USSD and UPI.

Importance of Mobile PIN (MPIN) –

Mpin is very important in safe money transactions via mobile banking services. This plays an important role in the safety mechanism of two-level mobile banks. Your user ID can be known to everyone, but Mpin belongs to you and yours. If other people know it, your bank account safety circle will be destroyed, and you may have financial losses. In other words, your mobile number is the first level of security in the mobile bank, and Mpin is the second security coverage. Without both, you or others cannot transform your bank account.

Where is the use of MPIN –

MPIN is mainly used in mobile banking, direct payment services (Imps), SMS Bank, USSD Bank, and UPI Bank.

How to generate and change the mobile pin?

Different mobile banking modes have different methods for producing cell pins (MPIN). But to produce Mpin widely, you must first record your mobile number on each cellular banking platform. After registration, your bank gives you a user ID and a password, Mpin. But on some mobile banking platforms, you can produce your user and MPIN ID and modify it if necessary. We tell you below how to produce Mpin on different platforms in mobile banking services.

How to change MPIN for SMS Banking –

Generally, all banks provide information such as a balanced survey, a mini-declaration, the latest transactions, check status, etc., to customers via SMS Banking. To take advantage of this installation, bank customers must submit a written request to the bank. After that, the bank provides user and mpin IDs to customers. We give you modifications to Mpin when the SMS bank is activated on your mobile phone. If a customer wishes to take this installation, he must contact the bank.

Mpin for UPI Banking –

Banking customers can produce their cell brooch (MPIN) on this bank-based banking platform. You must open the UPI bank application installed on your mobile phone and produce MPIN according to the following instructions.

First, you create your virtual identifier via your UPI banking application.

Select the account you want to produce MPIN and click on the MPIN SET. OTP (Punctual password) will be recorded on your mobile phone during the click.

After that, enter the four or six digits of your choice (the number depends on your UPI banking application) and click the Envy button.
If there are no technical problems with the application, your MPIN will be successfully determined, and you will immediately obtain a notification.

When you want to modify your opinion, open the account management option in the application and click on the “Modify MPIN” option.
Once these three columns have been displayed, enter the old Mpin in the first column, the new Mpin of your choice in the second column, and the new Mpin in the third column to confirm and send.

After sending the notification Mpin changed, it will be received, and your new Mpin will be activated.


You can also produce your MPIN according to the following instructions on this mobile banking platform.

First, press * 99 * 22 (for Hindi) # from your saved mobile number.

After that, the USSD service will start on your mobile phone. You must write the first three letters of your bank name or the first four letters of the IFSC code and send them.

Then the following menu will be displayed in the application. Select 7 here and send.

Then select Option 1 to produce Mpin and send.

In the next step, you will be asked to enter your choice and send it. Now follow the instructions displayed on the application and get your Mpin.

Now when you want to modify your MPIN, after following the three instructions above, select option 2 of the option displayed and send.
From now on, the instructions to modify Mpin will come on the phone screen. In this case, first of all, you will be asked for a long time, then a new Mpin, and once again, to be sure, you will be invited to enter the new Mpin.

MPIN for Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) Banking –

Payment is also made by mobile phone on this banking platform. However, only a few banks provide this platform installation. Who stand out include – Icici Bank, State Bank of India, and Axis Bank. Mpin is also necessary to use this service. The three banks provide this service on their way. Here, we tell you how to produce Mpin on the Bank Imcici Bank platform.

For this, first, you must call * 525 #.

After that, option 2 must be selected from the displayed menu.

Enter the last four figures for your bank account as indicated and send them.

Then enter the 4-digit Mpin of your choice by following the screen instructions and sending it. You will soon be informed on the mobile phone screen that Mpin has been successfully produced.

If you forget Mpin, you don’t need to panic or worry. Depending on the instructions, you can produce a new MPIN by visiting your mobile banking platform.

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